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Online Support Community

We are happy to provide you with a direct link to the national website of The Compassionate Friends.  Online Support is a support group on the Internet with trained Moderators and is available throughout the week at different times. Some of the sessions are targeted for specific needs such as “Men Sharing Sessions”, “Pregnancy & Infant Loss”, “No Surviving Children”, “Survivors of Suicide”, “Sibling Share” and “Parents/Grandparents Sharing Sessions”.

We would encourage you to also click on the link to the Video: After A Child Dies (highlighted in red).  In this 13 minute video, you will hear first hand accounts of what it is like to lose a child.  Parents, Siblings and Grandparents from across the country express their thoughts and feelings in this very moving film that touches on a variety of subjects including how they dealt with their grief, how it affects relationships and how their first attendance at a Compassionate Friends meeting was.

The link to the Online Support Chat Rooms and Video for The Compassionate Friends, National Website is:


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