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Supporting Families After the Death of a Child

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Welcome to the Fairfax Chapter of The Compassionate Friends!

The loss of a child, at any age and from any cause, is one of the most difficult, painful and traumatic experiences in life. This loss is so devastating for parents, siblings and grandparents, that it can't be compared to any other type of loss. Simply, there are no words for the depth of pain you feel. But you are not alone.

Through our local Fairfax chapter of The Compassionate Friends (TCF), we reach out in friendship and support to offer sympathy, understanding and hope. Our purpose is to help bereaved families in the positive resolution of grief following the loss of a child, sibling or grandchild. Through sharing, we learn from others who are also walking this journey. None of us are therapists or counsellors, we are all simply bereaved parents who share the pain of losing a child.